Cataract Surgery

About the surgery

Cataract eye surgeries are ambulatory procedures that are performed on a walk-in, walk-out basis. The operation usually lasts less than half an hour and is almost painless.

At the center, drops will be put into your eye to dilate the pupil. The area around your eye will be washed and cleansed.

Many people choose to stay awake during surgery; others may need to be put to sleep for a short time. If you are awake, you will have an anesthetic to numb the nerves in and around your eye.

After the operation, a patch may be placed over your eye. You need to rest for a while under the supervision of our medical team for any problems.

You may go home the same day and you will need someone to drive you home.

What you are likely to experience after the procedure?

Blurry, fluctuating vision after surgery which is very normal.

Slight redness, mild watering, mild irritation, glare and slight drooping of upper eyelid. These will remain to some extent for 4-6 weeks.

A new prescription for glasses 6 weeks after your surgery as your glasses will not be correct after the surgery. As a temporary measure, store bought reading glasses may be used to help your reading vision.

You may remove the lens out of your old glasses on the side that had surgery if that makes your vision more comfortable. It does not hurt you to use glasses that are incorrect, and it doesn’t hurt your eyes not to use glasses at all.


Apply your eye drops according to the prescription.

Clean your eyelid margins from the day after your treatment.

Blink your eyes gently and frequently on the day of treatment.

You can watch TV, read books and have normal food from the day of your treatment.

You can work on computers from the 3rd day of your treatment.

Use sunglasses when you go out and apply plastic shields while sleeping for 2 weeks.


Do not expose your eyes to dust.

Do not touch or rub your eye.

Do not take head bath or splash water into the eye and face for 2 weeks.

Do not keep your eyes open for a long duration.

Do not clean the eye on the day of your treatment.

Do not swim for one month.

Do not use eyeliner for one month.

Avoid exercises for 1 week.

Avoid self-driving for 1 week.

Avoid heavy weight lifting for 3 weeks.

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